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Sample Research Outline

By Joseph M  11 months, 2 weeks ago

pic sourced from pixabayPhoto: pic sourced from pixabay

Below is a sample outline that will help you understand well on design a great essay summary. The paper talks about police brutality and how it affects society.

1.       Introduction


·         Hook: The 2019 data reveal that nearly two thousand people died after being assaulted by the police.

·         Context and expounding on the main term: police brutality expresses the use of illegal and extravagant power by the police.  Cases of police abusing and murdering people have been on the rise in the US and the world at large. To add in, Brutal offenses are indeterminate of police brutality from current statistics. For this reason, cases of police assaulting citizens have been on the rise and are catching the attention of many.

·         Thesis Statement: This illegal use of force, is something that is happening and will affect how people grow up knowing the society they live in. Proper measures need to be put in place to avoid the escalation of violence.

1.       Main Body


·         Point 1 + example/evidence

·         Point 2 + example/evidence

·         Point 3 + example/evidence

1.       Conclusion

·         A synopsis of what is discussed in the main body.

·         Paraphrasing of the thesis statement.

·         The final assertion catches the attention of the reader wanting them to look deep into the matter.

You can now begin writing your paper once the outline, main points, and enough evidence to back up the information you have are in check. For the title, some will prefer creating it before starting writing to boost their writing spirit. Others will deal with the content first and later on come up with the title from what they have been jotting down.  You can go with the latter option when writing a narrative or descriptive essay. The main reason being, the explanation the title holds can be abstract. For expository and persuasive essays, start by creating the title first and emulate the theme throughout the writing.

Introduction: Starting an Academic essay

Here we are talking about the primary academic essay format which has been used by many to create top-notch essays for universities. Most students still employ it to date as they consider it to be excellent in enlightening the reader.

Where to start: Begin, by creating a powerful introduction.  This should be your starting point in any academic writing work.

A quick tip: An academic paper example will come in handy in guiding you to make a perfect introduction, as a beginner. Check out great samples, they will help you in this.

It is worth noting that, the reader concentrates better at the beginning of the paper. A such, know that that first paragraph sets the mood for the rest of the paper. Essaywritingpool can give you get great techniques that will help you create a powerful introduction.

To begin with, ensure you start with a strong hook. “Hook” is typically the first sentence of the introductory paragraph. It captures the attention of the reader pushing them to keep on reading. The tips below will help you come up with a powerful hook:

·         Quote: Begin the first statement with a relevant quote. This method is well-known,  but you need to ensure that you choose the right quote. It will grab the readers’ attention and lay down the mood of the rest of the paper.  Quotes are great for introducing your work, but always ensure that it perfectly fits the topic in question.

·         Fact: Begin the essay with a factual statement especially in an expository and persuasive essay. Such a statement makes the reader trust the paper. It also implies that the topic of discussion is well researched.

·         Rhetorical Question: This is also a great way to start your essay as it creates a connection between you and the audience. The readers will have the rhetorical question in mind as they go through the entire paper. Having this as your introduction, you should answer it at the introduction.

Bad Hook Example: “You need to stop police brutality.” – The statement tells the reader what to expect in the essay but it does not grab their attention.

Good Hook Example: I don’t have a gun. Stop shooting.”- Having this as a hook grabs the readers’ attention since it is a popular quote from a police-brutality victim. It also tells the reader the topic of the essay and at the same time keeping them interested to want to know more.

Once your hook is strong, make the reader aware of the main topic of discussion. At this time, the thesis of the paper may not be well known, so, better to give a piece of contextual background information. This way, the readers will know what the topic will look like in the entire paper. Once you do this, go ahead and give the dissertation.

The thesis statement reflects the subject matter of the essay. Or better said, it gives a recap of all the messages you will, later on, write individually.

Bonus tip: Ensure it is concise, brief, and carries only the necessary information. This statement, lets the reader know what the entire paper will discuss and gives them the key points to be covered in the main body.

Bad Thesis Statement Example: “Police brutality affects the society.”-  The statement is short. Also, it fails to give the authors’ main idea.

Good Thesis Statement Example:  “Illegal use of force by the police is a matter of concern that significantly affects the society and needs addressing to prevent it from escalating.”-This statement is compact and at the same time has all the necessary details that will help the readers know what the writing is all about. It also clearly shows the stand of the author.

The Main Body

The paragraphs in the main body give the audience the information they need. In a 5-paragraph assignment, this carries more weight and more attention should be given to it. When writing follows the outline order in writing the key points and ensure that they justify the thesis statement with necessary facts. Moving away from this confuses the reader, more so those who keenly follow the essay.

The main things one needs to write a powerful body include:

·         Accuracy: Ensure you carefully select the information you write without contradicting yourself. Also, depending on the body paragraphs, incorporate subpoints that came clear in the thesis.

Bad Example: Climate change is a matter of concern looking at the surge in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. (point 1) Even though, there is information about Ice in Antarctica coming back a clear indication of a solution to the problem. (Point 2)

Good Example: Climate change is a matter of concern looking at the surge in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,(point 1)Moreover, scientists and other current data from space stations indicate that global warming is continuing to happen and Antarctica is still losing its ice.

 Evidence:  All ideas you present should have enough backup evidence. You can include things such as references, statistics, and facts to support the evidence.

Bad Example:  People leave a carbon footprint and as such the threat of global warming is still there.


Good Example: According to the official Nasa report, the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have now almost reached the point of 420 parts per million. This indicator is considerably larger compared to the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide reported in 1950, which barely reached 320 parts per million. These facts let us conclude that the issue of climate change is now indisputable.


·         Word Choice: Carefully select your words especially in persuasive or descriptive essays. Ensure the words you use strongly represent what you write. Avoid misusing words, those that they don't understand, and also those that will confuse them. Do not forget to use clear adjectives

and strong adverbs.


Bad Example:  Last but not least, the illegal assaulting of individuals by the police leaves them unhappy making them uproar bringing about more violence.

Good Example: Finally, Illegally assaulting individuals by the police causes unhappiness leading to massive uproar and brings about more violence.

 Consistency: There should be 5 to 7 sentences in your body paragraphs. Ensure that all of them follow this structure but differentiate them from the sub-points. It is best to look at a top-notch academic writing sample to show you how the entire paper should emulate.

The questions that will be on the readers' mind after reading the introduction is what the main body seeks to answer. If you introduce a new point,  it should help the audience to understand better the theme of the be essay. Always aim at making them know just as you and once you do this, you can safely conclude your work.

Academic Essay Conclusion

A powerful beginning should equal a powerful ending of your academic paper. It is a fact that your reader may not be remembering what your first paragraph was all about. So, you have to remind them. For your conclusion to be good, it should have the following:

·         Summary: A well put and paraphrased information contained in the thesis and the subpoints. (This applies in writing persuasive, expository, and descriptive essays)

·         Personal or Social Connection:  Why is the information crucial to both you and society? By stating this, you show how vital the subject matter is generally and its application in the current world.

·         Summing up Statement: It is the final sentence that winds up your essay. If had a rhetorical question at the beginning, answer it here, if you had a quote, rephrase it. Ensure what you leave for your audience sticks in their minds.


Writing Process


A draft compiles information for you and helps you to properly structure the essay. One needs more than one draft to produce a high-quality essay beginning with the rough draft in which you incorporate the information you have in the outline.  After this, focus on the important parts that are relevant to your topic. A good new draft should not have issues with the content, the essay structure, or even small grammatical errors. You may end up having a smaller final draft than the original one.


Word Choice

An excellent academic essay needs to have great word choices which is something that is often neglected. Vocabulary is the main factor in writing and some words will drive an idea better than others. In a descriptive essay, word choices are crucial since you want the reader to have a certain picture in their minds. Different areas of study require different word choices that relate to those fields. Also, ensure you do away with words that are of no help in your writing.

Finalizing the submission

At this point, your essay is good to go. After editing your essay, ensure you do this:

·         Correct all grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

·         Decide on the title

·         Add a bibliography if your work requires that (it contains references or better say work cited where you write where you have gathered the information from but they haven't been referenced in the work)

·         Ensure the paper is in line with the academic paper formatting rules


To Sum Up


An academic essay seeks to compile the ideas and information you have to deliver a certain message. Being able to write good academic essays also will help you be more articulate as you speak and at the same time boost your confidence when speaking. We hope you have gotten the gist of starting and being an expert in this niche. All the best in your writing!


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