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Sample Business Memo

By Outworkerpost Support  1 year, 9 months ago

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A memorandum is a memo used for internal communication within an organization regarding official business or procedure. Unlike an email, a memo is sent to a large group of people. It mostly functions to inform staff about upcoming events or create awareness of internal changes.


To: All Employees

From: Corporate Officer

Date: January 13, 2020

Subject: Recycling and Cost-saving initiatives

CC: Board of Directors


To address the rising cost of traditional energy sources and our national effort to find more renewable energy sources, our company shall implement some cost-saving initiatives. The new changes will be executed immediately at all divisions in the organization.


The first change employees will experience concerns about the current methods of compensation. Paper checks will cease being issued through the payroll department. From now onwards, your paycheck will be deposited to your checking account directly. The company expects to save at least $14,500 annually from this initiative in cost that is related to payroll processing hours, envelopes, postage, office supplies, printer cartridges, toner, and printer paper. As a result, the company will decrease the energy footprint and reduce waste output while allowing the employees to access your pay more quickly.


Additionally, after hours computer use is another energy-saving procedure that will go into effect immediately. According to some research putting the computer in hibernation can save $90 annually on energy cost. As a result, all desktop computer terminal in every office will be set to enter hibernation mode overnight. These changes will be implemented next week by our IT technician on your computers. Another energy-saving procedure is a recycling initiative. This will be achieved by placing containers for several types of renewable materials throughout the building. Containers for metal and paper will be placed in strategic places such as the kitchen and other central gathering areas on each floor.

Metal includes all items primarily constructed out of tin and aluminum: tin cans, soda cans, aluminum foil, and other similar products. Make sure you empty the cans before placing them into the bin.


The paper includes magazines, appropriate packaging material, cardboard, junk mail, carton, envelope, and small boxes.


Plastic: anything plastic should be placed in the appropriate bin after it is emptied.



The cleaning crew will empty the materials and deliver them to a recycling plant. Thank you for your cooperation and for helping the company reduce costs while creating an eco-friendly environment.