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By Outworkerpost Support  2 years ago

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Psychology is the scientific study of how human minds functions and their behavior. Psychology has different subfields which entail studying different aspects of human beings. The sub-fields include human development, sports, health, social behavior, and cognitive processes. When psychology was introduced, there are two theoretical perspectives which were considered regarding how the brain functions. The two perspectives which explain how the brain functions are structuralism and functionalism (Eysenck & Keane, 2015).

 Structuralism explained human behavior by relying on the trained introspection by explaining that all the activities done by human beings and the products are constructed and not natural. In addition, everything has the meaning as a result of the human system in which human beings operate.

Functionalism explains that a society is a system which is made of interconnected parts. This interconnection enables the various parts of the society to work in harmony hence maintaining a state of balance and social equilibrium within the society.