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Proper Format for Your Academic Writing

By Joseph M  11 months, 2 weeks ago

pic curtesy of pixabayPhoto: pic curtesy of pixabay

Typically, an excellent essay will have five well- structured paragraphs. They include an introduction, body paragraphs which are usually 3, and a conclusion. What's more? Each paragraph has its internal format. The introductory paragraph introduces the topic and says what the essay is all about (the thesis statement). The body justifies the thesis statement. It contains three sub-arguments each paragraph containing one. Finally, the conclusion sums up the whole argument and also leaves the final statement regarding it. The organizer below shows the outline.

Academic Essay Format

Begin with an outline before writing.

You need to create four crucial elements that you need to answer before starting any academic writing. The elements include the thesis statement, subpoints, a link, and a synopsis.


·         Thesis Statement:  It is the centerpiece of your essay. It contains the major elements of the initial paragraph and carries the theme for the entire essay.


·         Body points (subpoints): Major points that justify the thesis.


·         Connection: An academic essay should have a direct or indirect link to the real world. When writing, state why the essay is essential to you or society. This way you express uniqueness giving more life to the paper.


·         Summary: It is usually a short but powerful statement that gives a brief meaning to the points stated.