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How to Write a Persuasive essay

By Outworkerpost Support  1 year, 7 months ago

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Persuasive essay

This is an argument essay, but it aims to go deeper into defending one issue. This essay seeks to steer the readers' view to take a specific stand. When writing a persuasive essay, the argument must sound reasonable with substantial evidence. This is achieved by providing evidence and logical reasoning by quoting professionals and using examples. To start a persuasive essay, start by picking a position, describe the problem's aspect, research information, and provide the solution. As a writer, your sole goal in writing a persuasive essay is to convince the reader to accept a point of view or take a specific action. When writing a persuasive essay, it is paramount to keep in mind the reader's biases and prove to them why the opposing view is wrong.

Below is a sample of a persuasive essay that convinces the reader that homosexuals are born that way…

Homosexuality Nature or Nurture?

For a long time, human sexuality has remained one of society's most interesting, debated, misunderstood, and controversial topics. The topic has been discussed on numerous websites, documentaries, books, essays, televisions, and magazine segments. Precisely, homosexuality is probably the aspect of human sexuality that is most misunderstood.  The reasons being the lack of exposure, close-mindedness, and lack of proper education. The truth is that genetic factors cause homosexuality; however, acting on this tendency is a choice that is triggered in different individuals by different factors.

 To fully comprehend matters addressed in this essay, it is necessary to define terms that will be used in this essay. These terms are straight or heterosexual people, which refers to individuals attracted by people of the opposite sex. Homosexuals or gay or lesbian, are people attracted by people of the similar or same-sex. A bisexual is a person whose romantic, and sexual feelings are for both genders. Lastly, the term homophobia refers to people in the society that misunderstand gay bisexual and lesbian people. (PFLAG, 4)

 This essay supports that the genetic makeup of a person causes homosexuality. Homosexual tendencies such as skin tone, height, and eyes are determined by genetic makeup. Getting attracted to someone of the same sex is not something that occurs one morning. It has little to do with personal choice. A study carried out in 1991 at Northwestern University by a psychologist named Michael Bailey and his colleague from Boston University Richard Pillard, a psychiatrist in the school medicine, showed prove of the genetic basis of homosexuality. The two researchers' research showed that identical twins brought up together showed a probability of 52% of being homosexual if one of them was homosexual (Bailey and Pillard, 1991). Non-identical twins, Adopted brothers and non-twin siblings, showed a lower correlation of 22%, 11, and 9 %( NGLTF).

 This suggests that since identical twins share many of the same genes, they share most of the same characteristics. The probability is more than half that if one identical twin were homosexual, then the other would be. This agrees with the genetic theory that if one twin is gay, then the probability of the other twin being gay is more than a half. To a great extent, this goes far to prove that homosexuality is genetically carried, though the physical attraction to someone of the same sex may be genetic, acting upon that is caused by numerous factors. For instance, adolescents with tendencies for homosexuality and live in a community accepting homosexuals might find it easy to come out because the community is open-minded and equally accepting. In this scenario, homosexuality caused by genetics is not a burden to the adolescent. Coming out of the closet would be the best thing for them and much less complicated to do, which is a great feeling for any gay or lesbian because they can be who they are without reservation or hesitation. However, this is not the same for a similar adolescent living within a homophobic community. Even though this environment would not change the fact that this person is sexually attracted to members of his or her sex, it may make it hard for gay and lesbian people to come out of the closet. The environment is critical in determining whether one comes out or remain in the closet. 

Education also plays a significant role in

Question for thoughts

Up to this far are you persuaded that being gay or a lesbian is an inborn trait?

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