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Medium Screwing Writers

By Joseph M  2 years, 6 months ago

mediumPhoto: medium

Like the fascinating story of the game of thrones told from fanatic’s point of view, new writers are enticed to join medium in the hope that someone will notice they mastery writing skills. But once there, you are welcomed with a shocking, rude reality of a society that thrives in holding back potentials. Having accumulated years of experience in writing, at medium, it does not matter nobody knows you, so who cares? Who will read the papers of a nobody? 

Wait a minute isn’t this platform meant to be a community where writers can express their ideas? Did I say community? Yes! It is a community so long as you are busy clapping on the who is who at Medium try asking to be mentored. That is when you will discover that Medium is not your mother. The reluctance to help brings out the true nature of human beings, whereby we all afraid of someone else becoming better than us, a capitalist nature. You see, Medium is one of those platforms where the so-called Pro-writers would rather spend their time watering Water Lettuce plants than respond to you if it means helping you.


The Medium plays a crucial role in facilitating the cannibalism in the writing industry. Imagine buying a lavishing outfit that makes you look like an angel among men only to be denied a chance to go out. That is exactly what Medium does to the nobody knows you writer. We are kept in the shadows, and it would take a miracle to see our published work. You see, Medium goes the extra mile to deny us the opportunity to be seen by isolating our articles in a scheme called eligible part of a metered paywall. Who can believe a writer who takes his time to write and not want anybody to share or recommend his story to others? 


We are all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve floating in the same river of life, each of us doing our best to make our lives better. Brothers and sisters, our so-called pro-writers, should you get to the river bank before others cut a few branches and try saving a few. I believe success is not being hailed with praises; instead, it is the pleasure of knowing how many have succeeded through you……IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW….