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By Outworkerpost Support  2 years ago

MathPhoto: Math

Mathematics is a science about the logic of shape, the arrangement of numbers and quantity. Math is around human beings, and in all that they do, because numbers are used daily and also shapes and measurements are applicable in day to day life. The areas where mathematics is applied are when using mobile phones, in architecture, money sports and even in engineering (Dossey, McCrone, & Halvorsen, 2016). All these entail measurements and counting of numbers. To be able to carry out measurements and counting, mathematical knowledge is necessary. This is an indication that without mathematics, then it is difficult for human beings to carry out their daily activities. For people to be in a position to apply mathematics in their daily lives, they have to learn some aspects of math like counting and measuring. Apart from learning, one gets to know and understand math through application whereby while applying they get to learn them. Taking measurements and counting are examples of the aspects of math which are learned while applying them