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How to write Class discussion and respond to classmate post

By essaywritingpool EWP  10 months, 1 week ago

How to Write a Discussion Post

For online students, a discussion makes up for interaction enjoyed by a student in a physical class. Students attending classes virtually benefit from a class discussion by being engaged with fellow course mates. As a student, you ought to take class discussions and respond to classmates' posts very seriously if you plan to pass your exams.

How to write a class discussion

The first rule is to go through the given readings. The second rule always relates or makes a connection between your life and the text or question of discussion. A discussion is meant to show your instructor and classmates what you understand from your reading and your course by articulating it in your own words.

A discussion post is a mini-essay in which you have to present a single central argument and provide clear evidence to support that argument. The discussion length ought to be a minimum of 150 words maximum should in most cases not exceed two pages. Remain clear, focused, and relevant to the topic.  

Example of a discussion

Abortion is a basic healthcare need for millions of women, and girls who can become pregnant. Besides, unmarried women having children can cause severe problems for that child later in life. A child without a father is likely to become a drug addict. So a woman must have an abortion if the father is not in the picture. According to xxx providing women across the globe with access to safe and legal abortion services is essential to realizing and protecting the fundamental rights of women…..

Note: Discussion is supposed to build a conversation with each post encouraging a reply, thus expanding the conversation. 


How to Write Replies 

As a student, you will be required to respond to at least two of your classmates' discussion posts. Here are the dos and don’ts that must be adhered to when writing replies. 

Always be respectful when replying to classmate posts. 

Never use emojis, exclamation points, or contractions when replying 

Review your spelling and grammar before posting a reply 

The four rules you must adhere to when replying are 

Be respectful

Make a meaningful reply:

Write in context this means making correlation to what you have learned in the course

Ask a question. Asking open-ended questions in a discussion post is always encouraged and will add more points. Ask your classmate to elaborate on a point they made in their discussion. 

Keywords to use when responding constructively to a classmate post

No, because

Yes, and 

Yes, But 

I agree with your argument that 

Note never write “you are wrong, I disagree with you,” the idea is to be polite and respectful

For example, if you do not agree with my discussion post on abortion 

You can respectfully disagree- No, because this way you are showing appreciation for classmate opinion and explaining why you do not agree with them. Avoiding emotional appeals and not attacking the writer is the key to friendly conversation. 

I respectfully disagree with your view on abortion. While it is understandable to be concerned about a child growing up without one parent there is no connection between drug addiction and growing up without a father. Perhaps you could elaborate why you feel there is a connection between growing up without a father and drug addiction?

If you plan to agree with the post, you can use keywords such a

I see your point about….. 

I agree with you that ….

I like the way you bring out your argument on abortion….

I would like to add to your argument on why abortion is necessary…

I found your post to be an eye-opener for an issue that can lead to abortion…

You can also choose to support the argument but reserve some opposition to some allegations made in the post. 


As much as I support abortion as a woman's fundamental right, I do not see the connection between children born by unmarried women becoming a drug addict. I never knew my dad, but I have never tasted drugs in my life.