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Guilty for Being Black, Racist for Being White

By Joseph M  2 years, 6 months ago

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Have you ever wondered why the hate against blacks is so intense that kids born years after slavery still loathe, hatred, undermine, and feel superior to blacks? It's because, from an early age, white people are taught that black people should be contained. Of course, some readers might disagree and say that America champions for equal rights. The bitter truth is that only a small section of blacks gets to enjoy these rights as the majority live in the segregation of a black neighborhood. Those that attempt to step out are met with the harsh reality of being surveyed on every step they take, questioned, harassed, and even arrested and framed for crimes they know nothing.


The recent Jussie Smollett case has left tongues wagging as to the level black people are willing to go to play the racism card. Well, I can't entirely agree with this because it is aimed at spreading the hate even more. Days are long gone when a man hated whip and was forced to love the person whipping him. America needs to heal, and the only way to do so is by doing away with entitlements. By entitlement, I mean things such as black history month or quotes such as America was built on the backs of black slaves. All this makes black people feel like they are owed an apology even kids born yesterday feel entitled to special privileges just because they heard or learned about slavery.


Today every white American is being fed a lie that soon the African American will outnumber them. The famous racism scientist Morton geared all this crap, but in the real sense, scientists have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that we all Africans. The mutation caused by migrating to different latitudes is what made the white people skin lighter. I believe such are the staffs we need to teach our kids rather than remind them of irrelevant things such as slavery. 


What puzzles me is how people accepted Christianity and went ahead to forget how the same Christians slaughtered millions who refused to become Christians in Europe. Or better still when they used to be referred to as Israelite on the trip back to Canaan from Egypt. Or do you not wonder about the barbaric African communities that killed hundreds in raids. Or the Vikings who slaughtered thousands of monks in their attacks. Or the Germanic societies that rained havoc in the middle age. Injustice has always been there in the world, and it's time to let go of what happened during slavery days in America. There are no lessons to learn from slavery. Teaching about slavery or holding black history month events makes African Americans bitter and gives superiority complex to white children. The truth is all humans are created equally. Some may be strong in certain areas, but at the end of the day, this is not determined by race.


In summing up, kindly solve the puzzle below. Among the skulls, it is hard to tell which belongs to a white man which belongs to a black man. Also, we don't know which head is for a young man, which is for a woman and appears to be from Europe, America, or Africa.


Now, unless you have prior knowledge or unless someone tells which skull belongs to who you cannot know so you cant associate with any of the skulls because basically, none has any value to you. But suppose I told you the one in the middle belonged to your great great grandmother who was burned alive after she was falsely accused of being a witch by some African barbarians. Am I sure you would feel sorry for your great-grandma and develop anger and hate against Africans…well?