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By Outworkerpost Support  2 years ago

BiologyPhoto: Biology

Biology is a natural science which studies the living organisms and their natural habitats and how they interact with their environment and among themselves. For the effective study of organisms and how they interact, biology is divided into branches which include botany, biophysics, ecology, and agriculture (Grigg, 2015).

Botany is the study of plants and it is also referred to as plant science. Botany entails studying of the structure of plants, their growth, reproduction, metabolism, disease, ecology, and their evolution.

Biophysics is the study of how physics can be applied in the study of biological processes. An example is that it can be used in explaining how a bird flies. 

Ecology is a branch of biology which studies how the organisms relate with one another and also the way these organisms relate to their immediate surroundings.

Agriculture is a branch of biology which entails the production of food and other products which are desired through cultivation. Apart from the cultivation of crops, agriculture includes rearing of livestock.