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Best Place for a Vacation

By Outworkerpost Support  2 years, 2 months ago

Bora boraPhoto: Bora bora

While this is not a promo for Bora Bora the true paradise on earth you need to hear about this Tahiti Island.

Caption this, overwater bungalows and underwater adventures are the welcoming features of this sand-fringed idyll. Nothing tastes sweeter than sipping wine and toasting the sunset from your private plunge pool, you simply lose yourself to the endless stretch of blue waters and white sand beaches. The place is designed to suit both the adventurous and peace-loving. Bora Bora is the only place on earth one can retrace they lost soul because of the serenity. But before you make up your mind to visit this island check your wallet because it is ranked among the most expensive place on earth!!!